The Asian American Golf Association (AAGA) is an association of golfers formed to represent their collective golf interests. The club represents Asian American members from the New York Tri-state Area. The AAGA is organized for the promotion of sociability, friendly golf competition, and good fellowship among its members. Toward this purpose, it shall hold a series of golf outings at each Association Club throughout the year and an Annual Championship Tournament at a site approved by the Board of Directors. Also it shall pursue any and all things which may be necessary and proper in relation to its objectives and purposes, as a non-profit organization.



The Club's purpose is to provide club members an organization:

  • To coordinate, develop & schedule programs and events,
  • To promote golf membership and participation locally and regionally,
  • To voice their opinions and participate in a golf organization,
  • To improve golf skill,
  • To provide credibility
  • To foster, expand & extend golf in the membership area,
  • To communicate members, recreational golfers, the community, and other clubs,
  • To be an efficient philanthropy channel for the needy in the participation area.



Board of DirectorsPaul Lau, Ming Lam, Ricky Sun, Albert Yim, Jiming Chen, Peter Wong


President:          Vice-President:        Treasurer:             Secretary:          Club Manager:

Peter Moy        Steven Fung           Dominic Chu      Felix Moy           Stanley Chin


Handicap Committee:Stanley Chin, Jiming Chen, Albert Yim


Tournament Committee: Jiming Chen, Peter Wong